Rooseveltstraat 2u - 2321 BM Leiden - The Netherlands -

Eye Movements and Rehabilitation


Leiden (Netherlands), Saturday November 10, 2018 - 09:00-18:00 hs.


The eyes play an important role in the integrity of the nervous system.  For chiropractors, the connection between the eyes, the inner ear and the spine should be clearly understood since the spinal intrinsic musculature is controlled by this very system.  In this module you will learn how to assess aberrant eye movements and deficiencies in visual integration. We will also show you specific eye exercises to address these issues.  Last but not least we will explain how spectacles can create phoric changes in visual fields, and how this can lead to disturbances in eye movements secondarily effecting the autonomic nervous system.


D.C. fee€ 270,00
Student fee € 135,00

Rooseveltstraat 2u - 2321 BM Leiden - The Netherlands -