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Andorra Ski Module


Escaldes (Andorra La Vella, Andorra), Fri./Sat.February 23-24, 2018 - 16:00-20:00 hs.


Functional neurology in an easy and understandable way, together with practical applications that can be used immediately in practice.  Add a beautiful setting and the opportunity to get tons of movement in the beautiful slopes of Andorra... Need we say more?

The course will consist of four individual two hour lectures, over two days by four lecturers! We will cover topics in neuroanatomy and neurophysiological applications.  Tom Claykens will talk about 'The effects of exercise on the brain".  Jeroen (Jay) Postma will cover 'Vestibular exercises for balance control'.  Jordi Gutiérrez will lecture on 'Lumbar disc irritation' and we have invited Patrick McMahon to address 'Biofeedback Training', cover sensor monitor integration and show you how to maximize all movement parameters. 

We will see how to diagnose and treat pathologies using a functional neurologic approach involving spinal adjustments and other forms of neurologic rehabilitation.

You will improve the understanding of the brain and het nervous system; learn new strategies using functional neurological diagnosis and a new treatment approach that will help your patients more effectively. You will earn 9 CPDs while being constantly stimulated by probably the most dynamic functional neurology practical course this winter has to offer.


D.C. fee€ 270,00
Student fee € 135,00

Rooseveltstraat 2u - 2321 BM Leiden - The Netherlands -