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 Core Stability


Core stability is an important concept within chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation healthcare providers. According to chiropractor Jeroen Postma, "it is important to train the core musculature of back, pelvic girdle and deep stomach muscles and not just to look good." More importantly, he explains, this is essential to enhance proper biomechanics affecting our balance and posture during movement. By maintaining strong core muscles, the spine is stabilized and can work more efficiently, thereby lessening or even preventing back problems.

Chiropractors at Chiropractie Leiden have had years of experience with specific exercise regimens to help you stablize your spine and joints. Many of these exercises can be performed at home and may include the use of Thera Band®, Swiss balls or a cushion for pelvic support such as Back Vitalizer™.

You can watch how to do the advised exercises on our Chiropractie Leiden TV channel:


App for Tinnitus

• Stability Exercise 1 - The Hover

• Stability Exercise 2 - The Bridge

• Stability Exercise 3 - Zijwaartse brug

• Stability Exercise 4 - Superman

• Stability Exercise 5a - Abdominal crunch

• Stability Exercise 5b - Abdominal side crunch

• Stability Exercise 6 - Heupabductie

• Stability Exercise 7 - Brug op de bal

• Stability Exercise 8 - Plank op de bal

• Stability Exercise 9 - Rugsteun op de bal

• Stability Exercise 10 - Rugextensie op de bal

• Stabiltiy Exercise 11 - Voorwaartse rol op de bal

• Stability Exercise 12 - Zijwaartse crunch op de bal

• The Lunge

• The Squat

• Micropause

• Mobilising neck exercises 

• Exercises for the tenniselbow

• Exercises for better balance - Standing

• Exercises for the upper back with TheraBand®
• Exercises for better balance - From sitting to standing position

• Exercises for better balance - Sitting

• Low back exercise 1 - Lifting the leg

• Low back exercise 2 - Lifting the knees

• Low back exercise 3 - Tilting the hips
• Low back exercise 4 - Tilting legs sideways
• Low back exercise 5 - Upper leg stretch
• Low back exercise 6 - Lateral flexion
• Low back exercise 7 - Stretch exerxise
Low back exercise 8 - Arching the back
• Low back exercise 9 - Back extension
Low back exercise 10 - Swaying the leg
• Low back exercise 11 - Abdominal crunch
• Low back exercise 12 - Calf strecht
• Getting up while using the hip as a hindge
Mirror Box therapy
Posture Medic
• Rotator cuff-exercise with TheraBand®
• 'Wall angel' exercise for the upper back
• Stretch for the calf
• Stretch for the trapezius
• Stretch for the pectorals
• Stretch for the rhomboideus
• Stretch for the levator scapula
• Trigger-point therapy for the upper back with a tennis ball
• Trigger-point therapy for the buttocks with a tennisball
• Thoracic range of motion exercise
• 'Mobilizing the nerve' between neck and arm
• 'Mobilizing the nerve' beween back and leg
• Accommodation Exercise
• Accupressure for headaches
• Breathing Exercises
• Complex Movements
• Gaze Stabilization
• Hemistim
• Ilioiopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum Stretch
Stabilitiy Exercises for the Knee
• 'Goggling' Air
• Nygstagmus
• Piriformis Stretch
• Smooth pursuit en secades
• 'Spin' Exercise for Better Stability
• Toe curls

In cases where a patient needs an advanced rehabilitation programme, Chiropractie Leiden chiropractors may refer you to a physical therapy centre in your area that can set up a tailored programme for your specific needs. A multidisciplinary approach is sometimes the fastest way to recovery.


Exercise and Nutrition


Nutrition, physical exercise and a healthy interior motivation are the primary instruments of your body's self defence. When dealing with physical impairments, it deserves extra attention.
What you eat will strengthen your immune system and the right kind of activity can take care of regeneration and vitality.

This is why at Chiropractie Leiden we will also address these important aspects of our health and recovery. 

We encourage all patients to exercise regularly to improve the overall health and wellness. For those of you who need the extra guidance and care, we work closely with the personal trainers of local heathclubs such as Jetts, Vlietlijn and SportCity Leiden). They are able to set up specific exercise programmes after consulting with your chiropractor about your limitations and fitness goals.

We also gladly share with you interesting information on nutrition:



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